Pan African Youth Festival

The Pan African Youth Festival is an inclusive Pan Africanist Youth convening of Pan African Youth Federation that brings together African youth, members and youth leaders to awaken their conscious and catalyze their active engagement with African integration. The overarching goal is to put African youth firmly at the center of integration processes, bring in their creative energies and issues into the fore and build a strong social fabric  for the integration process,  interact with leaders and policy makers to interrogate the current continental youth issues. It’s Africa´s most inspiring youth event that celebrates, empowers, and connects the African youth innovators, conveners and breakthrough actors driving Action for the Agenda 2063/ Sustainable Development Goals  and transforming lives and generating practical solutions to some of the continent’s most intractable problems.

The Pan-African Youth Festival is anchored on Arts, Culture, technology and conversations which offer young Africans an opportunity to engage on multiple platforms and critical issues. Participants engage in wide range of robust activities ranging from self-organized coverings, solidarity marches, music, cultural expressions and sports.

The Pan African Youth Festival springs from the need for young people owned and driven African cohesion processes as envisaged in the Article 26(i) of the African Youth Charter which calls African youth to fully promote patriotism towards and unity towards the cohesion of Africa.