Advocacy for Youth Human Rights and Democracy Network

The AYHRDN was established in 2016 to actively engage young people in education and advocacy in the area of human rights and democracy and aims to create a collaborative space for young people to achieve collective human rights and democracy goals through capacity development, the dissemination of knowledge and by supporting young people to engage in human rights and democracy.

Pan African Youth Peace Ambassadors Network

Pan-AYPAN was launched to connect, build capacity and provide support of youth activists from across the Africa and to strengthen and optimise grassroots, national, regional and pan-African youth participation in promoting sustainable peace and the fight against violent extremism.

Pan-African Youth Climate Change Network

The PYCN aims to build the capacity of young people in their endeavours to address climate change and other environmental issues, and advocate on climate change from a youth perspective. 

Advocacy for Women and Girl Child Empowerment-AWOGE

AWOGE is a youth led Agency which actively promotes and supports the meaningful inclusion of both women and girl child voice on gender equality issues in local, national, regional, and international agendas. AWOGE seeks to improve the position of young girls, and advocate for increased girlchild engagement and participation in existing structures, processes and governance.

African Union Students Council

This is non-governmental students’ initiative that started in January 1st 2016 during 5th International Development Students Society (IDSS)’s international students’ camp in Zanzibar, with the main purpose of facilitating unity, full inclusion, will and noble aspirations of the African students and other student bodies. It convenes an annual African Youth Congress in Kigali, Rwanda.

Youth Action Health Network

YAHD  is a platform for young people to advocate and engage on global issues related to health, through individual and collective action, as well as through partnerships with other youth structures and key institutions at national and international levels

The Youth Argus

The Youth Argus is an online youth hub which aims to provide global opportunities for young people to further their international experience, growth and career progression. It is currently an online based platform that provides legit opportunities that young people are eligible to apply for. The platform seeks to uplift young capable people through links to information, global resources as well as involve in social change to interact, learn and collaborate in new ways