The inter-university challenge on agenda 2063 and SDGs

The Inter-University SDGs Challenge project is a high engaging annual initiative targeting young Africans in African Universities towards positive, productive and solution oriented conversations through thematic debates. The major purpose of the project is to encourage search for knowledge through analytical reading and research within institutions of learning more especially in institutions of higher learning.

The project engages the university students from all walks of life with the aim of broadening the levels of literacy and the flow of knowledge right from the universities. So we are looking at a holistic passing on of knowledge to the students through these competitions by tackling three main activities:   Public Speaking (Public Speaking will involve participants being given theme-related topics in which they will give a speech. The best will be judged by content mastery and delivery and impact on audience among others testing the participants’ public speaking skills). Quiz Challenge (This involves quick-fire questions based on various topics centered on the theme. It tests the ability of participants to think on their feet) Panel Discussions (This is aimed at demystifying the various topics and themes. This will be carried out at breakout sessions after quiz) and to open up the students’ minds beyond what they are taught in their respective institutions of learning and empower them to think big.”